Welcome to Cave City Proud inc.


Is a local non-profit organization comprised of like hearted individuals devoted to the development and entertainment of our beloved town. Getting together and organizing events that keep our public involved and engaged is what we are all about. Part of growing any city is the participation and letting individuals have an input on what is going on their community.

The Cave City Proud Committee meets at 6pm on the first Thursday of each month and is open to the public. We encourage all residents and businesses to join us as we put together and roll out an ongoing schedule of events.

“It’s so much fun being a part of what is going on in Cave City and seeing the smiles on our people’s faces is worth everything!”

We are blessed with having the world’s largest cave system, Mammoth Cave, right in our own back yard .So we try to keep the annual tourists in mind when we schedule events throughout the year. However, our local folks are what has made Cave City what it is today. A world renowned vacation spot with that small town hospitality.

Cave City Proud inc.


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